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Bordeaux En Primeur 2022 prices

Château Mouton Rothschild_Barrel Hall (Crédit Pierre Grenet, Astoria Studio)

Bordeaux En Primeur prices for 2022 are being released. Proclaimed the best vintage of the century, is 2022 worth investing in, or not? Here’s what you need to know. 

The 2022 vintage is being cited as possibly one of the best of this century so far, and if the prices being released currently by the châteaux are anything to go by buyer will have to put their money where their mouth is if they want to get their hands on some.

According to LivEx’s, latest report, “Cynics are speculating that the châteaux may be intentionally overpricing their wines to protect (or even increase) their brand value amidst a struggling fine wine market.” Sommeliers are tipping that the prices will be much higher and, whilst the feeling is that 2022 will be classic, caution is key.

Bordeaux En Primeur prices
The best performing châteax princes in recent years

James Lloyd, head sommelier at Gordon Ramsay and Top 2023100 Sommeliers Inspiration award winner, says, “For me personally this campaign excites me. There seems to be genuine quality throughout, often brought out by difficult wine making conditions. In particular St. Emilion and Pauillac.”

He continues, “What excites me is the concentration in the wines,  the classic austere lines, good acidity giving a small nod to the traditional styles of past. This leads me to think these wines will be very much for the long-term, especially at the upper echelons of the Bordeaux hierarchy. Pricing is definitely on the steep side but worth the wait in either for drinking or investment.”

James Lloyd Bordeaux
James Lloyd, Head Sommelier, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Lloyd explains, “At Gordon Ramsay Restaurants we have entered but tentatively, not going too overboard as pricing will not necessarily offer the best value to our guests. This means that we have been a little restrained, however always worth having a good selection available from, what I see to be, a great vintage.”

The commentary from LivEx reports that, “According to our Bordeaux En Primeur survey results, merchants initially anticipated an average increase of 7.7% in ex-négociant prices compared to last year. However, the current campaign average is almost double that, with ex-négociant prices of wines released so far rising 14% on average.” However, some big names that have released their prices already, have gone way over that average; Château Angélus (St. Emilion) is +37% up in comparison to 2021, Château Gran Puy-Ducasse (Paulliac) +31% and Château Palmer (Margaux) +28% in the same period.

What does this mean for sommeliers and wine buyers in hospitality wanting to purchase 2022 Bordeaux’s?  Number one they are going to have to rely on the knowledge of their trusted merchants when it comes where to invest. Few sommeliers can afford the outlay or store quantities of En Primeur wines today in their establishments. As Eric Zweibel, director of wine at The Samling and 2023 Top 100 Sommeliers Legend, comments, “Bordeaux is a very difficult today. 2022 looks like it will be a fantastic vintage. I do need to say that it’s difficult to serve Bordeaux in restaurants these days because very high prices and style. They are wines you can drink every month.” He continues, “That being said, “We are starting to buy few wines En Primeur this year’s to be available to put on the wine list in few years’ time.”

Find out the release prices on the LivEx website here.


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