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Top 100 Sommeliers 2023 group selfie

30th May 2023, London – Top 100 Sommeliers 2023 has been announced in front of the who’s who of the sommelier community.

The first annual ranking of the UK’s very best sommeliers sees Gareth Ferreira MS scooping the number 1 slot.

Curated by Sommelier Edit, from a constantly updated database of working sommeliers, the list has been honed to select Top 100 Sommeliers, based on a points system, which takes into consideration expert wine knowledge and qualifications; level of management responsibility; working experience and seniority; and, awards and competition success.


Speaking at the event, host and co-founder, Angeline Bayly reiterated: “The Top 100 Sommeliers is about working Sommeliers, those who spend a majority of their time working service, those who are on the floor, with the wine team. On-trade professionals who are no longer spending a majority of their time working service are not included in this list.”

She continued: “We all know highly accomplished sommeliers who have moved away from the floor, and continue to be great ambassadors for the profession and their colleagues. This includes those who are now in more operational or purely buying roles, sommeliers now working for wine importers or brand owners and sommeliers who are cellar masters.”

The judges

Top 100 Sommeliers was judged and audited by; Sarah Jane Evans MW, author, journalist and broadcaster, Giovanni Ferlito MCA, Head of Wine & Beverage, The Ritz, London, Svetoslav Manolev MS, wine consultant, educator and wine judge, Thierry Tomasin MCA, Restaurant Director, The Savoy Grill and Queena Wong, collector and founder, Curious Vines. Co founders Angeline Bayly and Charlotte Hey complete the judging panel as ex officio judges.

Commenting on the first judging session, Thierry Tomasin said; “The numbers don’t lie. Top 100 Sommeliers has a unique system which awards points based on each of the criteria. It is weighted to take into consideration every aspect of a sommelier’s job.”

Giovanni Ferlito, Head of Wine & Beverage at The Ritz, London, added, “This is completely different way of assessing the sommeliers’ craft – encompassing everything from mise en place to buying, qualifications to year’s in the job. It’s difficult to be swayed or influenced when the hard facts are in front of you.”

31% of the Top 100 Sommeliers and 50% of this year’s top 10 sommeliers are based outside of London. The inaugural ranking was made up of 33% women, and 20% of the Top 20 Sommeliers are female.

Special Awards

On the night two special awards were announced. Award to two sommeliers who the judges believed had shown exemplary leadership and contribution to sommeliery.

James Lloyd, Inspiration Award, Top 100 Sommeliers 2023

Inspiration Award

James Lloyd

Head Sommelier, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Eric Zwiebel MS, Legend Award 2023, Top 100 Sommeliers

Legend Award

Eric Zwiebel MS

Head Sommelier, The Samling

2023 Top 100 Sommeliers

  1. Gareth Ferreira MS, Beverage Director, Core by Clare Smyth, London
  2. Matteo Furlan, Head of Wines, The Dorchester, London
  3. John Power, Head Sommelier, The James Thomson Collection, Scotland
  4. Stuart Skea, Group Head Sommelier, Aizle, Scotland
  5. Melody Wong, Wine Director, The Peninsula Hotel, London
  6. Sumith Alahakoon, Head Sommelier, 1906 Restaurant, Scotland
  7. Stefan Kobald, Head Sommelier, Core by Clare Smyth, London
  8. Joel Bastian, Group Head Sommelier, The Kitchin Group, Scotland
  9. Sonal Clare, Wine Director, The Wilderness, Birmingham
  10. Emanuel Pesqueira, Head of Wine, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, London
  11. Winnie Toh, Head Sommelier, The Aubury, London
  12. Alexios Stasinopoulos, Director of Wine, Seren Collection, Pembrokeshire
  13. Daniel Stojcic, Deputy Head Sommelier, Estelle Manor, Oxfordshire
  14. Noemie Favrat, Head Sommelier Le Comptoir Joel Robuchon, London
  15. Adriana Valentini, Head of Beverage, Oxford & Cambridge Club, London
  16. Eugenio Egorov, Head Sommelier, The Stafford Hotel, London
  17. Lukas Hyner, F&B Manager, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire
  18. Donald Edwards, Head Sommelier, La Trompette, London
  19. Andres Ituarte, Head Sommelier, Mandarin Oriental, London
  20. Jonathan Kleeman, Group Head Sommelier, Story, London
  21. Agnieszka Swiecka, Head of Wine, Mount Street Restaurant at The Audley, London
  22. Vincenzo Arnese, Wine Director, Raffles hotel at the OWO, London
  23. Roxane Dupuy, Head Sommelier, The Twenty Two, London
  24. Glen Montgomery, Head Sommelier, Eorna, Scotland
  25. Imre Somogyi, Head Sommelier, Les 110 de Taillevent, London
  26. Marco Iaccarino, Head of Wine, The Berkeley, London
  27. Giuseppe D’Aniello, Head Sommelier, The London Edition, London
  28. Philipp Reinstaller, Head Sommelier, Trivet, London
  29. Julien Sarrasin, Head Sommelier, HIDE, London
  30. Emma Denney, Head Sommelier, Claridge’s, London
  31. Antonio Palmarini, Head Sommelier, Beaverbrook Townhouse, London
  32. Michele Fazari, Head Sommelier, Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square, London
  33. Beatrice Bessi, Head Sommelier, Chiltern Firehouse, London
  34. Shane McHugh, Group Wine Buyer, Goodman Restaurants, London
  35. Ovidiu Olteanu, Head Sommelier, BAO + BBQ, Gloucesterhire
  36. Dmytro Goncharuk, Head Sommelier, Corrigan’s, London
  37. Miguel Gomez, Head Sommelier, The Clove Club, London
  38. Romain Audrerie, Wine Director, Ladbroke Hall, London
  39. Gaia Serafini, Head Sommelier, Oxeye, London
  40. Melania Battiston, Head Sommelier, Medlar, London
  41. Klearhos Kanelakis, Head Sommelier, Ekstedt at The Yard, London
  42. Georgios Iordanidis, Head of Wine, Annabel’s, London
  43. Josie Phillips, Head Sommelier, The Macallan Estate, Scotland
  44. Michal Dumny, Head Sommelier, The Forest Side Hotel, Cumbria
  45. Elise Merigaud, Head Sommelier, La Dame de Pic, London
  46. Francesca Turra, Head Sommelier, Rosewood, London
  47. Valentin Mouillard, Head Sommelier, L’Enclume, Cumbria
  48. Maria Boumpa, Head Sommelier, Da Terra, London
  49. Matthew Davison, Head Sommelier, Moor Hall, Lancashire
  50. Marcello Colletti, Head Sommelier, Nobu Hotel, London

Judges’ Special Categories

Top 5 Female Sommeliers

  • Noemie Favrat
  • Agnieszka Swiecka
  • Winnie Toh
  • Adriana Valentini
  • Melody Wong

Top 5 Ones-to-Watch

  • Melania Battiston
  • Giuseppe D’aniello
  • Emma Denney
  • Elise Merigaud
  • Daniel Stojcic

Top 5 Young Sommeliers

  • Konstantinos Katridis
  • Martin Kleveta
  • Bence Major
  • Elizabeth Mellish
  • Magdalena Sleziak

Top 51 to 100

in alphabetical order

  • Giovanni Andriulo, Senior Sommelier, The Ritz, London
  • Bella Babbit, Head Sommelier, The Nomad Hotel, London
  • Leonardo Barlondi, Head Sommelier, The Dorchester, London
  • Fanny Bachelard, Head Sommelier, The River Restaurant, London
  • Julien Beltzung, Executive Sommelier, The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant, Scotland
  • Filipe Bhering Reis, Club Head Sommelier, Annabel’s, London
  • Matthew Bottrill, Assistant Head Sommelier, Maison Estelle, London
  • Maria Cintoli, Head Sommelier, Gravetye Manor, Sussex
  • Milena De Waele, Head Sommelier, Park Row, London
  • Erin Donnelly, Sommelier, Heron, Scotland
  • Nikos Emner, Assistant Wine Director, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London
  • Alessia Ferrarello, Head Sommelier, Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottinghamshire
  • Ali Finch, Group Head Sommelier, Murano, London
  • Anna Frost, Head Sommelier, Ophelia, Newcastle
  • Augusto Gherardi, Assistant Head Sommelier, Mister Nice, London
  • Alberto Gherardi, Head Sommelier, Il Borro, London
  • Chris Goodale, Assistant Head Sommelier, The Five Fields Restaurant, London
  • Fred Goodwin-Hayward, Assistant Sommelier, Restaurant Hywel Jones, Wiltshire
  • Yujin Jang, Head Sommelier, Bon Vino Enoteca, London
  • Jaewon Jeong, Assistant Head Sommelier, Amazonico, London
  • Anastasios Karakasis, Head of Wine, Bacchanalia, London
  • Konstantinos Katridis, Sommelier, The Fat Duck, Berkshire
  • Martin Kleveta, Assistant Head Sommelier, HIDE, London
  • Emily Klomp, Head Sommelier, Where the Light Gets In, Manchester
  • Maxime Lamour, Assistant Head Sommelier, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, London
  • Felix Law, Head Sommelier, Canton Blue, The Peninsula Hotel, London
  • Jiachen Lu, Sommelier, Dinings SW3, London
  • Bence Major, Assistant Head Sommelier, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire
  • Elizabeth Mellish, Sommelier, Gleneagles Town House, Scotland
  • Levente Movik, Head Sommelier, Petersham Nurseries, London
  • Elton Muco, Deputy Head Sommelier, 67 Pall Mall, London
  • Gioele Musco, Wine Director, Alex Dilling at Café Royal, London
  • Alistair Myers, Owner, Rafters, Sheffield
  • Ioanna Nerantzi, Assistant Head Sommelier, Maison Estelle, London
  • Konstantinos Nestoridis, Head Sommelier, Midsummer House, Cambridge
  • Daniele Palomba, Head Sommelier, Annabel’s, London
  • Nicoletta Paniccoli, Sommelier, The London Edition, London
  • Shashi Prakash, Sommelier, Fonab Castle Hotel, Scotland
  • Merlin Ramos, Head Sommelier, Humo, London
  • Davide Renna, Head Sommelier, Cycene, London
  • Lucas Reynaud-Paligot, Assistant Head Sommelier, Hélène Darroze at The Connaught Hotel, London
  • Mark Ron Patana, Assistant Head Sommelier, Medlar, London
  • Davide Santeramo, Senior Sommelier, The Ritz, London
  • Carolina Seibel, Assistant Head Sommelier, Petrus, London
  • Natasha Senina, Assistant Head Sommelier, Chewton Glen, Hampshire
  • Magdalena Sleziak, Head Sommelier, Northcote, Lancashire
  • Julio Tauste, Head Sommelier, Orrery, London
  • Giovanni Tolone, Sommelier, Simpsons, Birmingham
  • Valeriya Toteva, Assistant Head Sommelier, The Pem, London
  • Richie Twentyman, Head Sommelier, Heron, Scotland

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