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Idris Elba celebrates launch of his Porte Noire Rosé Champagne

Idris Elba With A Bottle Of His Newly Launched Petite Porte Noir Rosé Champagne

Unveiling a new addition to the Porte Noire wine collection, Idris Elba joined guests at famed London private members club Tramp to enjoy Petite Porte Noire Rosé Champagne, a predominantly Chardonnay blend with a touch of Pinot Noir.

Porte Noire, meaning ‘black door’ in French, was born in 2018 from a shared passion for wine between David Farber (formally Connaught Cellars) and Actor Idris Elba. David’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine trade and Idris’s verve and eye for what’s next has enabled them to curate a delicious and unique collection of wines.

This venture began after Idris and David visited the historical and prestigious Sanger viticultural school in Champagne, France, in 2018. By 2020 the first bottles of the now critically acclaimed Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru vintage Champagne rolled out of cellars. Following the success of their debut collaboration, the duo set their sights on finding the next exclusive Porte Noire selection.

After an exploratory trip to Provence, the pair settled with Château Sainte Marguerite – a classified, family-owned estate in Côtes de Provence. Château Sainte Marguerite Porte Noire is a mineral, crisp, refreshing, certified organic top-end Provence rosé. They then added Petite Porte champagne to their collection, filling the need for every day, well-made champagne.

Petite Porte Noir Rosé Champagne presented at Tramp Private Members Club in London, October 2023
Petite Porte Noire Rosé Champagne presented at Tramp Private Members Club in London, October 2023

Petite Porte Noire Rosé Champagne is made from 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir grapes, sourced from the prestigious Chardonnay Du Sezonnais and Pinot Noir Venteuil terroirs. Bottled in 2020, this sensational champagne undergoes aging for a minimum of 24 months in the bottle, resulting in a refined taste.

The vibrant raspberry and salmon hue is visually enticing, while the nose offers bold and fruity aromas. To taste, there’s an array of flavours, featuring subtle spice and pepper notes intertwined with the freshness of red berries. Its fine effervescence and balanced acidity create a harmonious dance on the palate, leaving a lasting impression.

The Porte Noire name strives to be synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation, and the Petite Porte Noire Rosé Champagne is no exception. Each bottle aims to reflect their commitment to excellence, hoping to make it the perfect choice for special moments when only the finest will suffice.

Tramp Private Member’s Club is the first venue in London where patrons can enjoy Petite Porte Noire Rosé Champagne, with more to follow. Meanwhile, those interested in adding Petite Porte Noire Rosé Champagne to their collection can now purchase it exclusively from Harvey Nichols.



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