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Louis XIII releases Rare Cask 42.1

LOUIS XIII releases Rare Cask 42.1 Cognac in a limited collection of 775 striking, black crystal decanters, handmade by Baccarat.

Each decanter, priced at £47,00 each, contains exceptional Cognac from a unique and rare cask, discovered by cellar master Baptiste Loiseau.

The casks, known as tierçons, lie in the cellars of Domaine de Grollet – the heart of the LOUIS XIII Legacy – are wonders in themselves. Together they hold a treasured collection of eaux-de-vie, precious memories distilled from the Cognac Grande Champagne terroir, and from which LOUIS XIII Cognac is born.

To discover Rare Cask 42.1, I listened to my instincts and favoured emotion to science. I call upon my memories.” – says Baptiste Loiseau

Each tierçon is made from French oak trees that take over 100 years to reach maturity and is said to have its own spirit that it whispers into the eaux-de-vie.

The uncovering of a RARE CASK is a unique moment in the life of a LOUIS XIII Cellar Master, as such a spontaneous, rare occurrence may never happen in a single lifetime.

While the singularity of a RARE CASK rests on a miracle given by nature, the know-how that is necessary to its creation was born from a transmission of an art, from generation to generation, where each cellar master perpetuates the gestures of his predecessors.” – says Baptiste Loiseau.

Baptiste Loiseau, fifth generation Cellar Caster of LOUIS XIII Cognac
Baptiste Loiseau, fifth generation Cellar Caster of LOUIS XIII Cognac

The meticulous tasting of the eaux-de-vie as they age, in the endless transmission of savoir-faire, is part of the lifelong purpose of each Cellar Master to perpetuate the LOUIS XIII Legacy. RARE CASK 43.8 was discovered in 2004 by previous Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet, and RARE CASK 42.6 in 2009 when Baptiste Loiseau and Pierrette Trichet were collaborating. For the third time in history, in an unexpected departure from the ordinary passage of time, Baptiste Loiseau uncovers RARE CASK 42.1.

Inexplicable and unpredictable, a single tierçon has just unveiled its uniquely exceptional aromatic profile, giving a distinct expression of LOUIS XIII Cognac never encountered before, and with an unexpected 42.1% ABV.

Due for release in June 2023, the new Louis XII Rare Cask 42.1 will be available at exclusive tasting experiences in several cities around the world, including Paris, Zurich, London, Dubai, Beverly Hills, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Kuala Lumpur.


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