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Cocktail: El Domingo, a sherry twist on a bloody mary

El Domingo Cocktail By Angelo Sparvoli, Head Barman At St. James Hotel, Tio Pepe Challenge Winner 2023

Sherry is one of the hottest cocktail ingredients right now. Lower in alcohol than spirits but with complexity and a kick, it can set the tastebuds tingling. Angelo Sparvoli, Head barman at St. James Hotel knows why.

The UK winner of the 2023 Tio Pepe Challenge mixed the winning cocktail that put sherry as the main ingredient of a stunning cocktail. Beating off stiff competition from around the UK, he mixed up ‘El Domingo’ – the cocktail that helped him come out top. As meticulously crafted blend is nothing short of a work of art.

In Angelo’s own words his new cocktail gets its “inspiration from a Bloody Mary, the most popular cocktail for brunch time. I imagined a Sunday lunch with the family, a moment of conviviality where food and wine, in this case a bowl of Gazpacho and a glass of Tio Pepe fino, brings people together.”

EL DOMINGOAngelo’s winning cocktail mixes the following components.


  • 50ml Tio Pepe Fino Sherry
  • 90ml Plum Tomatoes & Strawberry Water
  • 15ml Rye Sourdough & Verjus Cordial
  • 1 dash Olive Bitters
  • 3 drops Saline

Recipe: Pour all the ingredients in a Boston shaker and throw 5 times to allow dilution and aeration of the cocktail.
Serve: in a highball over clear ice.
Garnish: with a tomato and strawberry cracker.

Angelo’s winning mix will compete with other amazing cocktails from another 15 countries at the Tio Pepe Challenge final in Jerez, Spain, in May 2023. We’ll let you know if he wins.


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