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Pere Ventura sponsors Top 5 Female Sommeliers UK 2024

PERE VENTURA is a family business founded in 1991 in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona) by businessman Pere Ventura, dedicated to the production of high-end cavas under the DO Cava appellation of origin in Spain.

PERE VENTURA represents the fourth generation of a family dedicated to sparkling wine in the Penedès, a region inherent of a cultural and historical tradition linked to vineyards and wine for over 2700 years.

Pere Ventura’s journey into winemaking is more than just a personal endeavour; it’s a continuation of a family legacy deeply rooted in Catalonia’s winemaking history. Dating back to the late 19th century, Pere Ventura’s great-grandfather, Mr. Manuel Montserrat was involved in the process and commercialisation of the firsts bottles of sparkling wine according to the Traditional Method.

Likewise, Pere Ventura’s grandfather went to France and worked for some outstanding houses of champagne. Working alongside his son Jaume, who established his own cava winery business in Sant Sadurní, and later with his grandson Pere Ventura the family legacy continued.

After starting as a youth in the family wine business and despite humble beginnings, Pere Ventura’s vision and tireless dedication transformed the vineyard into a thriving establishment and in 1991 Pere Ventura decided to forge his own path and fulfil his dream: to create his own company, his own cava-producing cellar, PERE VENTURA. Driven by an open-minded global mentality, Pere Ventura quickly succeeded in the major international markets, consolidating the brand in over 40 countries in a period of fifteen years.

PERE VENTURA’s cavas are the reflection of perseverance, constancy and the tireless search for excellence. Surrounded by 80 ha of own estate, we have extended a long-term partnership with winegrowers who supply PERE VENTURA with exceptional grapes, according to our own requirements. We are committed to respectful agricultural practices, manual harvesting, use natural yeasts, selection of musts, long aging and great care and attention to detail.

PERE VENTURA is a limited production, exclusive brand that produces Guarda Superior – long aging  cavas – and is one of the six wineries producing cava de Paraje Calificado, the highest certification granted by DO Cava.

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